Oh shit I'm lost! Dog tag pet tag I funny ID tag

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This tag can be made on smaller discs - the 20mm nickel and 25mm brass - please just ask!

Personalise this however you like. Add your details to the larger disc underneath, and add a charm if you like!

Large silvery nickel plated tag is 32mm

Brass tag is 25mm

Please note that some of our charms do not freely spin around the whole of the split ring HOWEVER when the tag is on the collar they WILL sit pretty 😊

Shipping to the US - please note that some states have received tags as quickly as 7 days, some as late as 28 days. Unfortunately we have no control over this. If you would like to pay extra to send your items tracked please let me know and I will get a price for you (this will be approx £8 total postage cost).